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✅ All in one place
✅ No technical skills required
✅ Launch in minutes, not days

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see you

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see you

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Attention is a new oil.
Zenedu × Telegram will help to get it.

You can create the best course in the selected niche, but if people lose it in the flow of information, all the efforts are in vain. Both sides will lose: students will not get the desired results, you will lose the profit.

To prevent such outcome, it is important to be “close at hand” with your audience in a familiar environment, where they regularly spend their time and are more likely to see your ad, come to the webinar, pay for training, watch the lessons, and do the exercises.

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Forget the "technical hell" of having to select, pay for, configure and integrate multiple services at once.

Zenedu already has all the tools to launch and grow a knowledge-based business.

Launch in minutes,
not days

Three easy steps to get started. You can do it in ~5 minutes. Without technical skills and extra people in the team.


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The bot in Zenedu is the equivalent of a student's personal account. In the bot, student will be able to watch lessons, send homework, get feedback, and buy new training.


Create a product

A workshops, course, webinar, coaching, or any other digital product. People will learn in a familiar place, without unnecessary bookmarks in the browser and passwords.


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Copy the link to the product and send it to potential subscribers. Two clicks and they already have access to the content.

Manage your business from your smartphone

Monitor key metrics, create the bills, communicate with students, check assignments, give lectures, and webinars. In a few clicks. Wherever you're comfortable.

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With Zenedu you focus on product development and creating more value for clients, not on fiddling with technical settings. It's easy to open and use the platform — everything is intuitive. Special mention should be made of the support — they respond instantly.

Earlier we used to use SmartSender — it had a lot of extra features, but the analytics of the students was not enough. Now I can see what happens to the person at all stages: what lesson he is in, what tasks he completed, stuck or moving at his usual pace.

Ruslan Rudichenko
MagNail online manicure school


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We believe that everyone has a superpower. A unique combination of talent, experience, and knowledge. Something that lights up the eyes and multiplies the happiness of the people around us.

Zenedu's mission is to help you discover and enhance it. For you to be inspired to do “your own” instead of figuring out yet another piece of tech.

Vitaliy Spivachuk

Co-founder of Zenedu

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